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Jack A6-F Direct Drive
Needle Feed 
a6f 2.jpg
a6f 4.jpg
All machinery supplied by us
Has 12 months warranty as standard



Auto thread trimming

Auto reverse

Auto backtack

Electronic thread tension 

Direct drive 

Reduction in noise and vibration 

Adjustable LED brightness

USB Port to update software

Needle Feed Machine

Specialized feeding keeps fabric smooth without wrinkles and layers offset.

Good for yarn, chiffon and silk fabrics

Or set for denim and canvas

Large work space useful for jackets, shirts and suits 

Control Panel that is touch sensitive

Voice guide (can be turned off)

DB X 1 Needle code

4.5 mm max stitch length 

5 mm presser foot lift (by hand)

13mm presser foot lift (by knee)

4000 spm 

Readily Available
In our show room
come and try it today!!
Prices from
£ 999.00
ex v.a.t
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