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Readily Available
In our show room
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One Machine, Multi Functions


Bartacking and button attaching In One Machine

can be swapped easily.

Electronic Thread Tension Device

Programable Sewing Area Clamp

Multi Patterns Easy To Upgrade

Maximum for 200 patterns. with USB key

easy to add patterns and upgrade.

Take Up stroke Better For Heavy Fabrics

Suitable for tacking and decorative sewing of non-woven bags, shopping bags, velcro, shoes, luggage etc.


Large cappacity bobbin
Shuttle System
LCD Touch Screen
Pre Set Bartck Choices
Button Sewing Clamp Supplied
Easy to Use
Electronic Speed Control
Large Needle DPx17
Can be used as sewing area
pattern sewer.
Prices from
All machinery supplied by us
Has 12 months warranty as standard
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