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GENUINE KS-EU IS Really the Last World for Small Size Straight Knife Cloth Cutter combining a Full Automatice Knife Sharpener Newest and most advanced Technology is adopted for this Machine to ensure Finest Cutting out various styles of cut as well as for Thin piece goods. KS-EU, as well as other KM series Cutters, have full Die-Cast Housings MADE IN JAPAN
Available In 5 & 6 Inch
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Octa 4 Inch
New Style KM RS100N Genuine Japanese Manufacture. Lower Blade Mechanism and Octagon Shaped Circular Knife "OCTA" gives you a really Beautiful cut ; the achievement of the octagon Knife and the Carbide tipped and Spring loaded Lower Blade prevents a Single piece Clogging of the Knife or coming in contact with the Machine Parts. Extra Thin Base Plate An Exclusive Extra Thin Base Plate guarantees a precision and a Smooth Cutting by Non-Slipping out of the works. High Power Electric Motor The high Performance 100 Watt Electric Motor backed by KM's own Technology provides and Exclusive High Power. The air-guide System keeps the Motor Bears little Heat. Automatic Knife Re-Sharpening System Re-Sharpening of Knife edge is automatic by pushing a spring loaded projection switch. The system is also designed for easy replacement of grinding wheel.
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GENUINE KS-AUV, 8" Straight Knife Cloth Cutting Machine with Automatic Abrasive Belts Sharpenner, is the most popular cutingmachine in the Garment Industry. It's suitable for cutting all kinds of fabrics from thin materials to thick materials. MADE IN JAPAN
Available In 6 to 13  Inch
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**GENUINE** KM-KRA-5" Cutting machine (MADE IN JAPAN) Circular knife cutting machine with automatic sharpener. Suitable for straight line cutting of thin to thick fabrics. especially suitable for heavy duty material such as carpet.
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