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Seiko LPW 28BL
Latest Seiko
Twin Needle Post Walking Foot
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Price Includes
UK Unit stand 
complete built and set up
with servo 1 hp motor.
Prices from
ex v.a.t

Two needle, High speed, Post bed

 Large vertical axis hook

Industrial Lockstitch machine


For sewing medium to heavy weight fabrics

leather, vinyl, synthetics and laminated

and coated materials.

Suitable for sewing operations which

 require decorative or functional

angular stitching such as collars

pockets, shoe uppers

automobile upholstery, etc.



Post bed and wide working space makes

it easy for sewing of large materials.

Compound feed and alternating pressers

mechanism assures even feeding of materials.

Semi-automatic lubrication system.

Large vertical axis hook.

Safety clutch prevents the hook from being damaged.

Reverse stitching.

Various gauge sets available.

All machinery supplied by us
Has 12 months warranty as standard
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