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Seiko LZ2 990 2N
Large bobbin Zig Zag
Standard & Walking Foot
seiko lz2 990.jpg

2-point(1-step) zig-zag
LZ2-990-2N: Drop feed
LZ2-992-2N: Upper & lower feed

3-point(2-step) zig-zag
LZ2-990-3N: Drop feed
LZ2-992-3N: Upper & lower feed

4-point(3-step) zig-zag

Price Includes
UK Unit stand 
complete built and set up
with servo 1 hp motor.
Prices from
ex v.a.t

Single needle, Light to medium duty, Large vertical axis hook, Reverse stitch, Zig-zag stitch

Industrial Lockstitch Machine.


For sewing light to medium weight materials such as fabrics, leather, canvas, and vinyl.Suitable for sewing such as leather garment, shoe upper, leather glove.


Suitable for light to medium materials

Large vertical axis rotary hook

Extra wide zig-zag 12mm

All machinery supplied by us
Has 12 months warranty as standard
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