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Seiko SK 2
Replacement for
Singer 132K
With Reverse
seiko sk2.jpg

Max.sewing speed 900s.p.m.

Max.stitch length13mm
presser foot lift 14mm(by pedal)
13mm(by hand)

Needle bar stroke 50.8mm

Needle(Standard) DDx1 #24  216

Ultra Large hook horizontal axis

Lubrication Hand type

All machinery supplied by us
Has 12 months warranty as standard
Looking For Something
More Affordable ?
Check Our Used
Stock For A Refurbished Model
132b 1.JPG

Single needle, Extra heavy duty

Ultra Large horizontal axis hook, Drop feed and walking foot with Reverse stitch.

Industrial Lockstitch  Machine.


For sewing heavy weight leather, canvas, vinyl, and various coated and laminated fabrics

Suitable for sewing such products as harnesses, covers, safety belts, tents, sheets, gloves, buffs, and heavy duty travel bags.

Prices from
ex v.a.t
Price Includes
UK Unit stand 
complete built and set up
with servo 1 hp motor.
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